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Fortnite Game Tricks

Escape the city
It is almost a corollary to the previous point, but flee the cities. You do not have to go to big cities or massive places to get equipment. These places have more resources than necessary for a single player and are full of opponents. Just settle for a small hamlet or a residence away from others. You'll find an assault rifle, some chests and maybe even some armor.
Dancing with the Zone
If camping is a viable strategy, it's because it has its limits in Fortnite. The zone will prevent you from camping absolutely anywhere and will force you to move relatively often.
Concretely, a good player of Battle Royale knows how to play with the zone. The goal is not just to be in the zone and to go towards it. You have to know how to dance around and anticipate how other players will react to it.
Let's see this with an example:
The white circle is the next zone. The red dot under the zone is you. You could simply enter the area going straight, but you may be expected by the players who were already in the zone. In addition, given the position of the circle, the majority of players still alive will arrive in your back by going to the area (as shown by the blue arrows). You will have opponents in front of you and behind you.
To maximize your chances of survival, go around the area to the east and enter it in the north (see the red arrow). You will be so close to the coast and in a zone generally so poor in player that the risk will be less. Even players inside the zone will expect to see opponents arriving from the South and West.
Fortnite v bucks free hack Whenever possible, always arrive where you are not expected. The element of surprise is the advantage that will make you win more than one game.
The Gate, please
Doors are more important than they suggest. If you arrive in front of a house and its door is open, it is because someone has already passed before you. In the best case, this means that you have no time to waste searching the building because an opponent will be charged. In the worst case, enemies will be there and will kill you if they find you.
On the other hand, when you enter a building, always think about closing the door behind you. It does not take much time and it can save your life. Indeed, if an opponent enters the building while you are there, you will immediately hear the door open. You can then wait for your carefree enemy up the stairs or in the toilet, armed with your most beautiful shotgun.

Break everything
One of the peculiarities of Fortnite is that outside of the natural soil, you can destroy everything. The walls, the trees, the rocks, the vehicles ... Fortnite money hack Nothing resists your pick. Do not hesitate to create your own routes.
Stuck in a building where there are three enemies? Destroy the wall and run away. An opponent is hiding behind a tree? A grenade or some shots from your rifle and it disappears.
Playing with the scenery helps to optimize his time and surprise the opponent. You can, for example, land directly on the roof of a house and destroy it with a pickaxe to find you in the attic, where are usually the most interesting equipment. In addition, destroying items brings you valuable resources.

Build everything
The resources you get allow you to make sets. Whether walls, stairs, roofs or platforms, do not hesitate to use all this to your advantage, especially at the end of the game.
It is not foolish to create four solid walls around the time of healing in a vacant lot. Creating stairs along a house or building will get you to the top in no time and effortlessly.
At the end of the game, you can even build small forts using your strongest resources to protect yourself from enemy fire. A classic but useful construction is to create a small room with a staircase or two. The staircase allows you to adjust your height to aim over your wall while remaining covered.